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Return policy

We offer a 14-day return policy on all items purchased through Holika Holika Online store.

If you wish to return your items, please write a return application in free text and send it to us info@holikaholika.ee within 14 days after receiving your parcel.

Purchased items must be returned immediately, but not later than within 14 days after presenting your application.

Customer will receive a refund for returned items and initial delivery costs within 14 days of receipt of his/her return application.

A 14-day return policy shall not apply to the following items:

  1. items produced in accordance with Customer's personal needs;

  2. items produced custom-made according to conditions set out by Customer;

  3. items unsuitable for return due to health protection and hygiene reasons or if their packaging is removed after delivery;

  4. items mixed or diluted with some other product or items, so that they can no longer be separated from each other;

  5. items used for business and professional activity purposes;

  6. breakdown or failure resulting from improper use of the appliance (failure to follow instructions for use);

  7. appliance that had been plugged in wrong voltage;

  8. broken items or items with mechanical damage (e.g. after falling);

  9. in the event of ordinary wear and tear or in the event of faults which do not cause the appliance's depreciation of value nor impair its use;

  10. the appliance has undergone repairs by a technician/repair center not authorized by the manufacturer.

If Customer has not received the items he had ordered, or the items delivered do not correspond to the description provided on our website, or items appear faulty, Customer can, instead of filing a return application within 14 days of receipt, use his/her right to present a claim arising from the law.

The use of the purchased items/goods for business or professional activity purposes (incl. legal persons)

In the event where purchased items have been used for business or professional activity purposes or have been purchased by a legal person, the ordinary complaints procedure shall not apply. In these cases, the period for filing a complaint is usually 6 months or over – depending on the time limits set by the manufacturer. During this period, if the manufacturer's defect had been detected, the item will be replaced or will undergo a repair.