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Please send all business inquiries to info@holikaholika.ee. If you want to sell Holika Holika products in your store or online shop. We have good Wholesale B2B conditions. All our products are registered on CPNP portal. Contact us today!

Official Holika Holika distributor in Europe, Baltic States

Official Store in Tartu, Estonia
Lõunakeskus Shopping Center
Business hours: Mon-Sun 10:21
Address: Ringtee 75, 50501, Tartu, Estonia
Contacts: E-mail: info@holikaholika.ee, Phone: +372 5851 6004

Company name: Nordic Beauty OÜ
Reg. code: 11630158
VAT number: EE101303172
Address: Roosi 26, Tartu, 51009, Estonia